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Date night: Going out and staying healthy

Date night: Going out and staying healthy

December 05, 2018 0 Comments

As we’ve discussed before, healthy living involves more than a strict workout routine fueled by a balanced diet of fruits, vegetables, and a natural protein supplement; mental health is also essential to wellness, and mental health depends on positive social and romantic relationships.

Similarly, successful romantic relationships between fitness-oriented people have healthy lifestyles at their core. Positive relationships nurture the body and the soul, so here are three alternatives to the classic ‘dinner and a movie’ date that will leave you feeling healthier and more romantic than ever.

1) The first date: hike and a picnic

Hikes are a great first-date activity. You can spend time alone without the forced intimacy of a candlelit dinner, and they provide plenty of conversation fodder for those inevitable awkward silences: “Look at this view!” “What kind of flower is that?” “This is a tough trail…” “We’re not lost, are we?”

A first-date hike offers a glimpse into each other’s character, an insight into how you behave in challenging situations. You’ll also look great: nothing’s better for the complexion than fresh air, sun, and, if geography allows it, a bit of altitude.

You can still share a meal, too. When you’re ready for a breather, find a comfortable clearing (preferably overlooking a breathtaking vista) and enjoy a spontaneous, healthy picnic of whole-grain bread and fresh cheese; a trail mix of nuts, seeds, and dried fruits; and hardy fresh fruits like apples and oranges.

Once you’ve said your goodbyes, make sure to drink a natural protein supplement like PE Sport’s Clean Protein to assist your post-hike recovery. Your thighs will thank you in the morning.

2) Red wine, chocolate, and dancing

dancing and red wine

Once you’re past the getting-to-know-you phase of the relationship and ready to take things up a notch, forego sunny strolls for a more cosmopolitan – but no less romantic – date night: red wine, dark chocolate, and dancing.

One of the major fallacies about healthy living is that it leaves no room for the simple pleasures – that in their rush to avoid sugars and trans fats, health-conscious people miss out on the basic joys that give life meaning.

Not so: dark chocolate is rich in fiber, iron and other minerals; is an effective source of antioxidants; may contribute to lower blood pressure. Red wine also contains antioxidants and is known to support the immune system, boost bone density, and assist cardiovascular health. Consumed in moderation, dark chocolate, and red wine is a perfectly healthy addition to your diet.

Dancing, meanwhile, may be the healthiest way to forge a physical bond. It’s a great aerobic exercise that helps with muscle tone, endurance, coordination, and strength. Plus, you’ll develop a newfound comfort with an understanding of your partner.

3) Skating and a home-cooked meal

When you’re ready to move from casual dating to a committed relationship, a night of home-cooked dining and outdoor skating is the perfect overture.

Start with the meal. Winter has arrived in North America, so you’ll want to prepare something homey and substantial. Think lean beef, chicken breast, or salmon as a main course alongside lightly oiled and salted roasted vegetables with a quinoa or avocado salad on the side. Don’t be afraid to reintroduce dark chocolate and a good red wine to round out the meal.

Once you’ve eaten, look up the nearest outdoor skating rink in your city. Night-time skating is a timeless backdrop for classic romantic moments. Imagine skating hand-in-hand on the outdoor rinks of New York’s Central Park or Toronto’s Nathan Phillips Square while the city glows in the background and snow falls gently around you… the perfect setting for the start of a meaningful relationship.

Of course, skating is also tremendous exercise: it’s a cardiovascular workout, it boosts balance and coordination, and improves flexibility. But if all goes according to plan, these benefits should be far from your mind – focus instead on enjoying the moment with that special someone.

Stay Healthy with Natural Protein Supplements

PE Sport aims to help our customers achieve their healthy living goals. While products like our natural protein supplement, Clean Protein, primarily support physical performance, we understand that wellness is a complex, multifaceted concept. Physical wellbeing, mental wellbeing, and emotional wellbeing are all deeply connected; our goal is to help you achieve these states with the help of our healthy, natural products.

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