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10 Amazing Benefits to following a Paleo Diet

10 Amazing Benefits to following a Paleo Diet

September 22, 2016 0 Comments

There are many benefits to be enjoyed by following a paleo lifestyle, especially when it comes to your health. Below are 10 reasons you should make the switch to paleo today!

Benefit 1: Avoiding Processed Foods

When following a Paleo diet, you will be avoiding unnatural and heavily processed foods and ingredients. Today’s food industry is filling our foods with synthetic and addictive ingredients to keep consumers hungry and always coming back for more. Our metabolisms have not evolved to process such chemicals or synthetics, and as a result, ingesting these substances can lead to serious illnesses like diabetes and depression.

Benefit 2: No More Empty Calories

Simply defined, foods that contain calories but are void of nutritional value are said to be empty-calorie foods. These are most commonly found in sugary treats, sodas, energy drinks, and sugary juices. The paleo diet focuses on drinking pure water and avoiding processed junk foods, which cuts out these empty calories, leading to weight loss and increased energy levels.

Benefit 3: More Energy Without any Synthetics

We live in a society that seems completely dependent on coffee and energy drinks. Imagine trying to keep a fire burning using only paper; you will constantly be adding more paper to your fire to sustain the energy source, which in the end is inefficient and unsustainable. Similarly, these sugary, high-caffeine concoctions are metabolized very quickly by our bodies, leaving us exhausted and reaching for them again and again. The paleo diet is filled with naturally occurring nutritious energy, which is more slowly metabolized, making these energy sources burn slower and last longer – like keeping fire burning steadily with hard wood instead of that paper kindling!

Benefit 4: More Muscle and Less Fat

little girl showing strong muscles

The paleo diet relies on high-quality, healthy protein sources. Combined with a healthy workout regimen, these proteins help build new muscle cells - and the more muscle you have, the better your metabolism works. This is because muscles are more metabolically active, so more energy is directed to muscle cells instead of stored in fat cells. This makes your body more likely to store energy as glycogen in your muscles instead of triglycerides in your fat cells.

Benefit 5: Improved Health and Prevention of Certain Diseases

By consuming only paleo foods, you will avoid foods that have been linked to diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and heart disease.

Benefit 6: Staying full

The beauty of following a paleo lifestyle is that you can eat as much as you want, so long as it is balanced. This is because paleo foods are dense in nutritional value and light in calories, making it difficult to eat a surplus of calories. Paleo foods are also easily digested, but will keep you feeling full and satisfied much longer than synthetics and fillers found in processed foods.

Benefit 7: Improved Mental Health

Poor diet and eating habits can lead to mood swings, depression, and lack of mental focus. Processed foods do not give your brain the nutrition it needs to perform optimally, and can actually be harmful. In fact, the consumption of processed foods can cause damage to the brain's hypothalamus, which is responsible for controlling thirst, hunger, sleep, moods, and other natural rhythms of the body.

Benefit 8: Detox Power

When you stop consuming refined foods and synthetics, you are giving your body a much needed break by allowing your body to purge itself of built-up toxins. Many people following a paleo diet report feeling much lighter and more focused after just a few weeks of staying clean. Interestingly enough, once your body has been detoxed and you are no longer addicted to processed foods, your cravings for them subside and eating them will not longer have the same satisfying effect that it used to.

Benefit 9: Good Habits, not Will Power Required

variety of meats and vegetables

There are so many amazing foods available when living a paleo lifestyle, and it’s just a matter of instilling these into your day-to-day life and making it a habit. Allow yourself to explore and try new recipes and foods rather than restricting yourself or counting calories. Eventually, after building up good habits, the paleo lifestyle will feel like an effortless success, which is something you can feel good about!

Benefit 10: A better and healthier you

When you have decided to stop sabotaging your health, and you’ve realized the important role food plays in being the fuel for your body, you will truly be on the path to a better and healthier you. Enjoy the gifts and food from mother nature, and not what has been created by man. We have not adapted to eat or digest these processed foods. With proper nutrition and exercise, we can reverse disease, lose weight, and become happier and healthier human beings.

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